Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rani Rudrama Devi Monument

Rani Rudrama Devi, Kakatiya queen who ruled with warangal as her capital is one of the first Telugu women ruler in South India.  Her death details has not been to known to historians for centuries. An stone inscription with details of her death have been found in a village Chandupatla that belong to Nakrekal mandal of Nalgonda district.  I have visited the place on 14 Nov. 2015 Saturday noon time.  Started in my car at 8am in the morning and reached the place just around 12:15pm noon.  We have choosen the route via Chilakuri pet, Narasarao pet, Nakarekal of Guntur District, Piduguralla, Dachepalli, Gamalapadu, Wazirabad, Damaracharla,    Miryalaguda, Tipparthi, Nakrekal of Nalgonda District(near Suryapet). After Miryalaguda there is a toll pay just before Tipparthi (two way toll Rs.80/-).  First toll was after Piduguralla (Rs.70/- bothways).  After Tipparthi there is a Y junction and the road to North East goes to Nakrekal.  4 kms before reaching the Nakrekal there was a brige over one Vaagu.  After crossing the brige over the Vaagu, within 100 meters on to the right side of main road there is a road going towards East side.  In 200 meters or so, there is a monument of the inscription that has been built by the locals (Sri Vivekananda Yuvajana Samakhya) and a new temple of Shiva.  This has been unveiled on 31 July 2009 by the Vivekananda Yuvajana Samakhya.\\

There are ruins of two old stone temples, one adjacent to the Rudramadevi monument . The second one stone ruins of temple is to the other side of the tar road.  The inscription revealed that Rani Rudrama Devi died on 27 Nov. 1289, and the same day one of  her Senani Mallikarjuna Nayakudu died.  The inscription was erected by son of Mallikarjuna Nayakudu, one of the soldier of the Rudrama Army.  They fought with the rebelling Kayasta Ambadeva and in the fight both Rani Rudrama Devi and Army Chief Mallikarjuna Nayakudu lost their lives.  Son of Mallikarjuna Nayakudu unveiled  the stone   inscription to that effect. 

Near to the junction of this side road to the Nakrekal main road 100 meter away on to the right side a statue of Rani Rudrama on the horse weilding a sword has been erected by the new Telangana Government  and has been covered with white plastic papers.  It may be unveiled soon.  

Historical connection gives us a nostalgic feeling. Before and after the war the tradition has been that Rani Rudrama offers prayers to Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha  in the temples located at Pillalamarri village of Suryapet mandal and Chaya Someswara Swamy temple of Panagal in Nalgonda.  

Earlier, I had visited the Chaaya Someswara Swamy temple of Nalgonda(1000 years old).  Shivalinga of Chaaya Someswara swamy is always in Chaya or shade irrespective of the direction of the SUN whole day.  It is a mystery and a wonder how the architect of the temple or Shilpacharyas have achieved this.  Where from the rays are falling all around the shiva linga from the roof is not obvious. We donot know whether the mysterious phenomenon has been studied  using modern scientific techniques.  Devotees believe that this is the greatness of God of the temple and truely so.  

I have not visited the Pillalamarri temples, but located in wikimapia an anicient temple with a photo that belongs to the Kakatiya period of 11 th century and a very good blog about three temples at Pillalamarri village

The temples at Pillalamarri village are :

( 1)Sri Erakeswaralayam outside of the village 
(2) Sri Nameswaralayam in the middle of the village 
(3) Sri Chennakesava Alalyam.
Temples 2 & 3 are in the same campus in the middle of the village .

.  Pillalamarri and Panagal villages are 30 kms apart.  Rani Rudrama Devi first performed prayers at Pillamarri temple and while going to Panagal temple along with Senapathi Shri Mallikarjuna Nayakudu (native of Chandupatla village),  rebel Samantha Raju Kayasta Ambadeva might have taken them by surprise and deceipt to  kill the two. By 1289, historical facts shows that age of Rani Rudrama Devi should have nearly 80 years or so.   Ambadeva after declaring himself as the king might have tried to hide the facts related to the death of Rani Rudrama Devi for his own benefit to subdue the anger of  the people of the region.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Alagu Satya Jambavathi sametha Krishna swamy temple, Mannaru Poluru, Nellore district, AP.

On 10 Oct 2015, at 6:30 am,  I have arrived at Sullurupeta by KSRTC bus from Benguluru.  Got down at DOS colony and reached my brother's place. In the afternoon, at 3PM Sudheer and myself left to Mannaru Poluru.  First we had been to the Govenment public school.  At the request of head mistress of the school, I have been happy to interact with the school children of 9th and 10th class. I spoke about Dr Kalam, Satellites, Missiles and life of Dr.Kalam. Then, at the request of HM, I also spoke about my own childhood, school college studies briefly. It was 5PM and then we have gone to the nearby Krishan swamy temple.  It has a 1000+ years history.

The village Mannaru Poluru is 3 kms from the sullurupeta railway station.  Recently, it has been taken up by Thirumala Thirupati Devastanam /TTD for upgradation.  The pujari living complex has been built adjacent to the temple.  When we arrived at the temple main Gali Gopuram door was  locked.  The pujari has come and opened the doors and has taken us inside the temple.

It is a spacious temple. It appears the temple land is extended upto the koneru 500 meters away.  But, the people occupied and constructed houses in between the Koneru and the temple complex.


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Singarakonda Anjaneya swamy temple

After the darshan of Lord narasimha swamy on the hill top we visited the Anjaneyaswamy temple at the foot of the hill at Singarakonda (3km from Addanki).

Singarakonda Lakshmi Narasimha swamy temple

At 2pm on 2 June 2015 Tue we have started from Inkollu and reached Singarakonda by 3pm. There is a road leading to the temple on the hill top. The temple is beautiful and there are a few devotees around but, not crouded.
After visiting the temple on hill top we went to the foot of the hill to have darshan of Singarakonda Anjaneya swamy temple.

Pavuluri polimera Anjaneya swamy temple

On 2 June 2015 Tue started from home at 6:30am and reached Chilakaluripet at 8am.  Bavagaru (Bsr) also reached chilakaluripet by 8am. Both of started to  Inkollu (hospital) via Paruchuru to see the daughter of B.Ravi.   The hospital is near the bus stand of Inkollu.  This is the first time I went to Inkollu. Nearby Inkollu we visited Pavuluru Polimera Anjaneya swamy temple. This is near Pavuluru which is on the way to Dronadula. By 10:30 am we have some spare time and fatherinlaw of Ravi has taken us to a Pavuluru Veeranjaneya swamy temple.  Paluru is 6kms from Inkollu and it is on the way to Dronadula.  Temple is in a peaceful environment among the fields on the outskirts of the village Pavuluru.  By 12:00pm we have returned back to  hospital then had lunch in a nearby hotel.  By 1:30pm we are free.  So, we planned to go to Singarakonda Anjaneyaswamy and narasimhaswamy temples near Addanki.  Singarakonda is 3kms from Addanki.



This is known as First Baptist Church or FBC located at Mira Mesa locality of San Diego.  Friday, Dec 19, 2014 the Indian community (mostly Telugu speaking friends) have celebrated Christmas function. It is an excellent program followed by heavy dinner (non veg dinner without alcoholic drinks.)   Web address is
Address :
FBC Mira Mesa
10770 Rickert Road
San Diego, CA 92126.

BalaTripuraSundari Devi and Tripuranthakeswara swamy temples, Tripuranthakam

On 14 June 2014, Sunday I had been to Poonuru to attend a function and after lunch at about 1:45pm I have started to visit Tripuranthakam near Vinukonda.

The temple of Sri Bala Tripurasundari Devi is located in a well.  We have to climb down to go into the temple area. Inside the temple again there are stairs that leads to the deity.  Archaka's told me in the rainy season the diety statue gets immersed in water. We can pray to the Godess from outside of the temple premises at such times.  


On the hill top Tripuranthakeswara Swamy temple is located. The road leading to the Erragondapalem is passing by the side of the hill.

The tunnel connecting to Srisailam
 is inside this temple like structure 
There is a tunnel that is connecting to Srisailam. One of the photos below shows the place where the tunnel is located.  But the tunnel  passage has not been seen as it is completely closed by vertical rock typle structures.