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Challapalli Palace

Challapalli palace :

Darbar hall of the palace 
Raja Vasireddy Venkatadri Naidu is one of the Challapalli Jamindar known for his donations and construction of several temples in the Guntur region. It is mandal headquarter for Challapalli mandal villages.

Srikakula Andhra Mahavishnu temple :  

Galigopuram - Entrance to temple

On 16 May 2014 Friday, Full moon day,  I have visited SrikakulamIt is an aicient  temple  near Challapalli Mandal in Guntur Dt, AP.

Sri Krishna Devaraya
writing Amukthamalayada
This is an ancient temple 2000 years old. mThe temple has become historically important as the legenday Telugu King Sri Krishna Devaraya was here at this temple for some days. Story is that after conquering the North east king doms of Gajapathi and Orugallu (Warangal) Krishna Devbraya started writing "Amukthamalayada" grandham by sitting at this temple. 
The photo-1 on the right shows the Galigopuram, the entrance to the temple.  

"Desa basha landu Telugu lessa"
is the popular poem in Amukthamalyada  

This is the central part of the temple
where the diety of Sri Maha Vishnu is located

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Sri Krishna Devaraya statue
is in the mandapam near the tree 

 Main Entrance : Galigopuram

Sila sasanam  or encryption of donation
 given by Sri Krishna Devaraya for the temple

Sunday, January 31, 2010


On Saturday 30 Jan 2010 I went to the school where I did my SSLC and took signature of the Head Master on the papers for getting a copy of my SSLC certificates.  It was 1 PM when I was returning to Epurupalem,  suddenly I received a call informing me that Koti Misri is in NRI Hosptal near Mangalagiri of Guntur as he is having Paralytic attack.  
Then inthe bus I extended my journey to Chirala bus standn and took bus to Gutur.  From Gubntur I took ordinary bus RTC to the NRI Hospital. It was just 13 Rs. ticket.

Koti Misri is in ICU. The hospital doctors took good care and he is in the recovery path.  His son Narendra and his wife are looking after him.  Many people have come from Upparapalem and Piduguralla to see him. I met him although many were denied seeing the patient in ICU as per ICU norms.  I am satisfied that he will recover with the good treatment given by the NRI Hospital doctors.

It is at that time I saw the Mangalagiri Narasimhaswamy Gali gopuram.  Kurakula Srinu and Bethamcharla SubbaRao garu (my Viyyankudu) have met me in the hospital.  It is my viyyankudu who has given me information on my  cell at 1PM.  

I remembered vaguely my visit to Panakala Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple in my childhood. Then, I realized I needed a revisit to the Mangala giri temple again.SINIVAS told me that the Lakshmi Narasimha swamy and Panakala Rayudu on the hll top are the same and it is just one temple.  I think so, I was not having that much understanding when I visitted the temple as a child of 12 years old.  I had been to Mangalagiir on several occassions and it so happened I didinot revist the diety for such a log time in my life. Very strange God's ways as I started t rethinking why I didn't revisted for such a long time. Even now, I had to attend a function tomorrow morning in Nalgonda so, I am back to Chirala by night itself.


The day following the MahasivaRatri ie on 13 Feb 2010, after vsiting the Peda kakani Bramaramba Mallikarjuna swamy temple, I proceeded towards Mangalagri by auto rikshaw.  I reached the temple, after  half a km walk through the galli from the arch of the temple  on the main road.  This galli type road is adjacent to the temple left   side wall and passed by the side of left side gali gopuram. The main temple gaali gopuram is facing to the east and is the famous tall structure that we see from 5 or 6 kms distance. Then, I entered through the main gaali gopuram and saw the diety.  The temple clerk is not in his seat as I wanted to buy the token for Pooja Astotharam.  All of them went oustdie to see the Radhostavam as the procession has started and reaching the temple front side.  I also went and saw the radhostavam as the Ratham passes in fornt of the temple.  The Lady artsits performed verywell as the Rakshasa and Shiva diety as the Ratham was stopped opposite the temple for 15 minutes. 

After that I went and the clerk gave me the Pooja token and the book on stalapuranam of the Narasimha swamy temple.  The Diguva Narasimha swamy is also known as Bogala Rayudu as the Nitya Kalyanam is performed daily.   The diety is very beautiful and darshan is amazing.  For the performance of the Astothram, I was very near to the Garbha gudi the main diety place and my mind is deeply involved in the prayers as the Poojari is praising the Lord with great Slokas in Sanskrit.  Two times The Archaka swamy inquired about the Gotram, my wifes name, name of two sons and daughter Mrs. Rohini and her family are blessed by the Archaka swamy with health, wealth, Santhana Saubagyamulu.    

I sat down near the right side Gali Gopuram for some time and enjoyed the beautiful tall structure of the main eastern Gaaligopuram. as  well.  I cameout of the temple by 5PM.  It is still sunny and I decided to go to the Hill top (EGUVA) Panakala Narasimha swamy temple.  I took auto rishkshaw fro Rs. 30/- that took me in just less than 10 minutes time. The temple is closed by  3_30 for entrance and the door closes by 4 PM.  Having understood the time for darshan I climbed over the main diety templeside stair case and climbed down through the other side stair case.  I had the Archaka bramhanas preparing for the Laddu Prasam for the next day in the hall adjacent to the Grbha gudi of Sri Panakala Narasimha swamy.  One of the Archakas is kind enough to give me the one glass of Panaka Prasadam and explained to me the virtues of the visit to Panakala swamy temple and the diguva bogha narasimha swamy temple.  I taken blessing from the archaka swamy and did namaskaram with dakshina.  My rishwa wala has come and asked me to return as it is becoming dark.  I saw from the hill top the Ratham returning to te Diguva temple area throgh the Mangalagiri temple street. In front of the temple is the Mahatma Gandhi statue that will eaually be a  memorable site for all devotees of Mahatma  with all the Godly virtues in this era.

I left for Guntur by 7 PM and reached the Lalitha Hospital by 8 PM.  I talked to Ramesh Goli, as he was arranging for the Bills to be paid next day in order to get discharge of his wife from the hospital.    I said a few things to improve his courage at the instance and offered him all necessary help as he appeared somewhat in distress.  By 10:30PM I reached Epurupalem.  

On Sunday morning I I booked ticket to Hyderabad by RTC Bus at 10PM.  I reached my home in the morning by 7am on monday. and has gone to office in time.

Jaya Stambham - Sri Krishna Deva Raya Sasanam was laid on 1515 June 23rd.  Sri Krishna Deva Raya won Kondaveeti kingdom, and mentioned in this sasanam. This is laid at the entrance to the Panakala Rayudu hill.  The ill is said to have the shape of elephant and the Panakalarayudu temple is locted at the head portion of the elephant type structure of the hill the Panakam of the devotees goes into the belly portion of the elephant shaped hill.  The archaka swamy told me the above things.

During the Vijayanagar kingdom, Mangalagiri was a headquarters to a group of villages in Kondaveedu state. Sadasiva Rayalu ruled Vijayanagara kingdom from 1542 to 1569.Timmaraju was a nephew of Tiruamala Rayalu. He was the governor of Kondaveedu and devotee of Lord Narasimha Swamy.
Tirumala Rayalu also happens to be one of the sons-in-law of Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu, a famous ruler of Vijayanagara kingdom. After the defeat in historic Tallikota war,Tirumala Rayalu fled to Penugonda Fort along with the king Sadasiva Rayalu, carrying huge wealth on hundreds of elephents. He acted as Regent for some time and became king in 1569, by killing Sadasiva RayaluVasu charitra, one of the famous five Kavyas in Telugu literature was dedicated to Tirumala Rayalu.



आज, मैं नलगोंडा में मेरी collegue पिता के सेवानिवृत्ति समारोह में भाग लिया Masuram वेंकटेश्वर राव garu. समारोह में अच्छी तरह से हैदराबाद के पूरा करना बैंक के अपने बैंक सहयोगियों ने भाग लिया. बाद 2:30 के आसपास समारोह मेरे सहयोगी Umakanth मुझे केंद्र के पास छोड़ दिया गया है और मैं Panagal Pachhala Ramalingeswara स्वामी मंदिर में एक ऑटो rikshaw लिया. प्रथम. इस beautifl संरचना है और Kakatiyas द्वारा 11 वीं शताब्दी में बनाया गया था. शिलालेख भी मंदिर स्मारक संरक्षित सेमीफाइनल में देखा जाता है. बच्चों के मंदिर में खेल रहे हैं. मंदिर को भी राजा rajeswari Ammavaru मंदिर है. बस एक मंदिर स्थित है और संग्रहालय के पीछे में प्राचीन Buddist निष्कर्ष और नलगोंडा आसपास संग्रहालय में संग्रहीत किया गया है में से कुछ. संग्रहालय कई मूर्तियों के साथ archelogical पार्क के बाहर भी बहुत अच्छे हैं.

अगले, मैं Chaya Someswara swmay मंदिर जो Pachhala someswara स्वामी मंदिर से लगभग 1 किलोमीटर है देखने चला गया है. (Pachhala smeswara के नाम पर पुराने दिनों इस मंदिर Pachha हीरा पत्थरों से भरा हुआ था के रूप में दिया गया है.

CHAYA SOMESWARA स्वामी मंदिर

अब, मैं ऑटो लिया Chaya Someswaraa स्वामी मंदिर 10/-Rs (पहुँच केवल). यह Kakathiyas का एक और गुरु टुकड़ा है. एक शिव मंदिर के बारे में 4 फीट अंदर गहरे Garbha गुडी और strikingly वहाँ एक chaya है (नीचे से ऊपर की छत के बारे में 30 फुट ऊंचाई और चौड़ाई 1 और आधा पैर को बेलनाकार आकार छाया lingam है. चारों ओर सुंदर curvatures हो रहा स्तंभ और यह obvisous कि cylindircal आकार इन खंभों की वजह से नहीं है. couldnot है मैं कहाँ से प्रकाश गिर रही है makeout. निश्चित रूप से यह स्थान से जहां हम खड़े हैं और पूजा करते हैं या उस कोण से नहीं है. अगर ऐसा है तो, मेरी छाया होगा प्रतिबिंबित. मैं के बारे में 4:30 पर था चाहिए.
फोटो दिखाया गया है कि वहाँ वास्तविक संरचना है कि मैंने देखा है नहीं है. Sivalingam पर मंदिर प्रकार strucutre सब वहाँ पर नहीं है.  
एक बूढ़ी औरत फर्श धोने व्यापक था और भक्ति के साथ जमीन से पानी निकालने. मैं उसे दक्षिणा और प्रसादम् दिया.
 यह कैसे शिव linga छाया द्वारा कवर किया जाता है रहस्य है और क्या प्रकाशिकी ilpi द्वारा इस्तेमाल सिद्धांत है.

 यह मुझे याद दिलाया Hapmi Virupaksha मंदिर में एक बार. हम्पी के virupaksha मंदिर में गली gopurm की छाया औंधा स्थिति में खास तौर पर बनाया के एक कमरे में देखा जाता है. बेशक प्रकाशिकी सिद्धांत 1 फीट 2 पैरों से दीवार में छेद के रूप में काफी स्पष्ट है गली gopuram के उल्टे छवि शीर्ष strucutre और सूरज की किरणों के लिए pinhole के रूप में सेवा की है कि सीधे कोण में कमरे के अंदर आ रही हैं.

Nalgonada में न तो स्रोत ((chaya) और न ही सूरज की किरणों की दिशा छवि की वस्तु) स्पष्ट है, यह वैज्ञानिकों के लिए एक रहस्य बना रहा है. मैं सिर्फ आश्चर्य क्यों दिया मीडिया में पर्याप्त कवरेज और पर्यटन विभाग द्वारा ऐसी ठंड प्रतिक्रिया नहीं है. मैं भगवान से प्रार्थना की अपने परिजनों अनिल, वेंकट और Mothi और भी आशीर्वाद देने के लिए अपनी कठिनाइयों से कुछ हल.

बस Chaya Someswara स्वामी मंदिर के विपरीत नई Nalgonada Universty है.
Panagal से मैं Suryapet की ओर जा रही है कि नलगोंडा से दूर है, बसों देखा. मैं नलगोंडा clok टॉवर को ऑटो लिया है और फिर नलगोंडा बस स्टैंड के लिए एक ऑटो. गैर रोक बसों के लिए हर 15 मिनट में Hydeabad चल रहे हैं. मैं बस में चढ़ा था और रात में 8:30 से पौंड नगर जंक्शन पहुंचे. मैं डीआरडीओ शहर जहाज के पास गया और 9:15 से भारतीय पुनर्वास परिषद शटल में मिला 9:45 से मेरे कमरे पहुंचे. सिर्फ 11 से रात में इस writeup पूरा किया.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MEDARAM Warangal Sammakka Saralamma Gadde 23 Jan 2010 Magha masam

On Saturday 23 Jan 2010 I started from Hyderabad to see Madaram.  Took Bus to Hanumakonda Super Luxury at (;45 am.  Reached Hanumakonda at 1: 15 PM.  Took special bus from the nearby Hayagriva Grounds (1 Km from busstand of Hanumakonda) at 2PM.  At Mulugu he stopped.  After that we rent up to Tadwayi.  on the left side of the main road Madaram 14 kms board is seen.  Stretches of fores areas and moderate size villages are seen on the way.  The socalled Koya gudem strucutres are not evident.  I think they have all become aware of the modern villages.
I reached at 5:30 PM Madaram.  Public rushed into the bus as they want to return to Hanumakonda.  There are no hotels or any such convenienecs around.  This made me think that Ishould come back quickly.  So, in 5 minutes I reached the spot where the arrangement s are being made for the visit of lakhs of devotees in the next week.  The sammakka Gadde, arakka gadde are alike and the photo above is the sarakka gadde.  It has the 3 in chi dia small tree trunk and a metal beam of 6 feet height and the whole thing is called Gadde.  When Kumkuma Bharine is brought on Magha Poornima day that is on   26th or 27th Jan 2010 ( this will be done by CM Rosaiah Garu) then the Jathara will start officially.  I came back after half hour.  I had usual Coconut offering made. But, I have seen many offering the Bellam (Bangaram is the name given to this Bellam prasadam).  Each small size bucket shape Bellam weighs around 20 KG.  Out of the Offerings some watchman / security person is kind enough to give some small pieces to the devotees.  I also took Bangaram Prasadam and prayed to the Godess to give health wealth and prosperity to my children and to bless my daughter with happy married life and a intelligent son.  Prayed that my daughter and the child to be born be blessed with good health.

I returned to the bus stand and took a bus to Hanumakonda. I reached Hanumakonda by 8:45 PM.  I tried to see the Veyyistambhala gudi.  The temple is closed by 8PM.  So, I decided to stay back in a hotel and then, see the temple next day morning.  The temple is open from 6 am to 8pm.  The Rudrabhishekam and Pooja are posted in the previous post.

How I got interested in Medaram Jathara : In 2008 February during one of my weekend visits to see my ailing mother, I met Ande Uma Maheswara rao,  my cousin brother,  who have just returned from Medaram Jatara.  
They also told me that only once it 2 years this jatara wil be held.  Otherwise it is a jungle type area no population or facilties exist in the area.  So, I was told it will be better if we can go only around the Jatara period. So, as I saw the news that Medaram Jatara will start now, I visited the Medaram temple a few days in advance and to avoid the rush in the actual Jatara time.  I went on Saturday but, I don't have necessary travel information I was just left with 30 minutes time to see the Medaram temple.  

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thousand pillars temple Hanumakonda / WARANGAL

After my visit to Madaram on saturday, I stayed back in Hanumakonda in Satya Lodge,  Prashanthi Nilayam Building in Chorasta area. Morning after bath I visited the nearby thousand pillars temple and performed Rudrabhishekam.  This is one of the most satsifying Pooja experience after the Draksgharama Abhishekam.  I could perform the abhishekam with my own hands.  The shiva lingam is on a pettam five feet high and the shiva lingam is about 2 and half  feet.  I have to raise my feet a bit to pour the abhisheka jalam on the devine shiva lingam. I prayed for the well being of Rohini and her family.  Prayed severally to bless her with a gifted son with devine and pious qualities. The Abhishekam has a nominal fee of Rs.100/-.  Then, since this is the starting of Magha masam, the Poojari has told me all the 30 days of Magha Month they will perform the Pooja in the early hours of the day for Mano vancha phala siddi and Istakarya phala siddhi"  thus I have given my name gotram, wife and sons and daughter's names.  Poojari also has noted down my cell number on the same note book.  It is about 10 am, then I went back to the hotel.

About the temple : The temple is very beautiful with swculpture similar to the Hampi samrajayam.  One thing first struck me where are the thousand pillars, since the pillars seen are hardly 100.  The it is revelaed that the structure of the wall of the three temples are carved with the shape of pillars.  it appears one single stone may have as many as five pillars carved on it. The picture on the top right is the wall of one of the temple of Surya  Bhagawan.  The pillars made on the entire walls of he three temples amount ot the remaining 900 odd pillars.  These pillars are not seperate or individual pillars as I understand. Except for the Shiva lingam in the main Rudra temple, the other two are without the images.    Out of the three temples only the main Rudreswara  swamy shiva lingam is worshipped as this has the Shiva lingam. The temple was bult in 11th century.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ponnur Temples are very famous in our region as the 30 to 40 feet high monolithic statues of Hanumanand Garud are in the temple along with Sahasra lingeswara swamy (1001 Shiva Lingas)
The present form of the temple is elegant and it has a few rooms for the devotees who want to stay over night.
Anjaneya swamy is 35 feet tall and main Pooja is performed and aarathi on all days.  The Garud deity is 40 feet tall. and Garud temple is facing the Anjaneya swamy temple.
In 1970's I used to see both the statues in the horizontal position since erection was not done.  The Head of Hanuman  with head of Rama and Sitha is broken due to over weight  so the statue is made smaller by carving again the head of Hanuman within the body area.  I visited this temple recently when my father died since it is customary for us to spend a night after the 9 day cermony  and before the end of a month.  My father died on October 19 2006  so i stayed one night around 30th October 2006 in the temple.  Again, my mother died on 19 October 2008, so on 30 October 2009 I stayed a night in the temple premises.  Aftr one night's stay, early morning took bath and performed prayer and then returned to Hyderbad.  both times. My relation P Nageswararao helped me book the room each time.

It is really one of the  important temples to be visited in this  region.


In Dadar, Bombay Siddiviyanaka Temple is well known for the Vara Sidi Vinayaka that is nowdays seen on the TV channels.  I used to catch a bus from AntopHill Central Government Colony  near King Circle railway station and then go to Prabha devi where the temple is located.  During eighties this was a small temple but afterwards they have constructed a huge 3 floor building in the same area with the temple and diety at the ground floor (untouched).  Vara Siddi Vinayaka temple usedto be a common place for the prayers during Dasara and Vinayaka Chavithi periods. About 10 times I visited the temple and the Aarathi Jaya deva Jayadeva  jaya mangala murthy is impressive and takes you to the immortal world of Lord Ganesha.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


background : My father-in-law visitied Ahobilam with his family and JOGI (type of procession with diety's photo in his arms ) Pooja along with his family that was before my marriage in Aug 1978.

Having bent of mind towards the GOD now my sankalpam to reach the temples as much as I can, Lord Narasimha moved me to see the temple. Located in forest area one has to walk over the hills to see the nava narasimha temples located one above the other on the way to the hill top where the ugra narasimha stambham is located.

The trip starts with the darshan of Main diety at the groundlevel of the hill. I have climbed over to two more temples over the hill but, moving further is a difficult thing considering my physical stamina. I prayed to the Lord to bless one and all, the near and dear, my children Mothi ANIl and Venkat and my beloved wife.

Ghat route buses run between Ahobilam and the nearest RTC bus stand ( Allagaddais the nearest RTC bus stand / small town now) that is 6 kms away from ahobilam. Buses run to Nandyala so I moved in the afternoon to Nandyala and from there to Mahanandi (15 kms away from Nandyala)

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Saturday, September 19, 2009



In Vishakhapatnam during my M Sc days 1972-1974, I visited Simhachalam two times.
It was on the hill top.
I climbed over the stairs and I was so thin and lean less than 42 kgs, so I was climbing the stairs so rapidly that I could cross many behind me.  The temple is one of the Krishnadevaraya periodtemple with huge Prakaram and sculputres.  The diety of the Varaha Narasimha swamy is inside a linga structure formed by pasting Gandham over the diety. So, i was a bit disappointed as I can not see the real diety's.    But, I prayed severally to the Lord to do all the good for me and my parents and sisters and their families.  I was still a studentof MSc at that time.
In the second visit we went with a group of friends and climbed further up the hill after the temple.  Temple is located some what below the top of the hill.  Then we went on walking climbing down with dangerous and steep so-called steps.  This route was hardly used by the sheapards or cow heard boys to take the goats for green leafy stuff.  then by the time it is sawn, we reached a raod in secluded area on the other side of Simhachalam.    Some how we managed a lift on a truck going towards waltair after it was dark and reached late night the student Hostel in Waltair where we are staying. I was staying in  the Vinaya sagar Hostel  during the second year of my MSc. My room mate was Nageswarachari a srikakulam boy with excellent english proficiency.  He used to appreciate me for my talent in understanding chemistry.  When I was doing my Ph.D he came for interview  in ACC cement company and he has secured the job.  He has written me a letter with a high level poem in English 10 stangas of 4 lines each and I have kept it close to my heart for two decades almost but, now, I can not trace it nor I can find his address.  So strange, a person who was my room mate and who was so nice to me, how time turns the memories into the images run infornt of your  eyes as backlash.  

Friday, September 18, 2009



Morning I reached Annavaram by train at 7 am and took teple bus from the station to the temple. Reached hill top temple area in 10 minutes and tried for accommodation. since there is provision for couples only I went to the lockers room put mybelongings over there, apying 5rupees only.. Took bath and started for darshan. 2 hours in the que but the darshnam has given the blessing that I wished.  Prayed to the almighty to bless my children particularly my daughter and her family.

Satyanarayana swamy vratham is performed by couples. Large no. of newly married couples accompanied by relatives gave abeautiful sight as the croud is mostly due to the marriage period.
Astothram is the pooja one can have if u r a single since vratham is for performed by the couples only. As the cue is around the main diety garbha gudi all around there are Halls for Vratham.  Each Hall is having a display the token thathey have purchased at the counter that is 500 rupees Hall, 400rupees Hall, 300rupees and 200 rupees.  Minimum is 200 rupeees. This token money includes 60 pojja samagri, 6 coconuts, karpuram 6 bananas and beetel leaves, beetle nuts, flowers, turmeric(pasupu),  Kumkuma etcc. One person in the cue next to me came along with his daughter and grandaughter.  He has taken the 200 rupees token and performed the vratham before joining the cue.  For higher value tokens the cue is shorter, as there is a  place where they can join in the intermediate gate (only a rope is separating-no door). The main diety is Satyanarayana swamy, Lakshmi devi and on the right side of Satyanarayana swamy Half size Lord shiva, all the deities are only about 2 0r 3 feet high.  I prayed to Satyanarayana swamy.  As my father told me, in 1983 when I returned from Kanpur in the month of September around 20th 2003, that time itself he told me by performing the Satyanarayana swamy vratham and doing Annadanam will  remove all the evil powers and life will become normal.  I prayed to the Lord to forgive me since the situation at that time didnot give me the necessary Mano nibbaram since the pooja requires patni, my wife and if it is performed only by my father and mother then, people will come to know that there is some serious problem between me and my wife.  I prayed, repeatedly to bless my daughter and son-in-law to bless with a child and have a happy married life.
  Then I proceeded  downward journey and as I reached the ground level from the Hill where the road is connected to the Annavaram town road I got down.  one hundred yards away there isw a bus stop and I could get abus to Kakinada.  From kakinada, I took a bus to Draksharamam that is Kakinada to Kotipalli bus. Reached Draksharamam in 1 hr time, just one stop before Kotipalli. From bus stand, it is walkable distance so, I  proceeded to Draksharamam temple and  in  about 5 mintues walk reached the temple.  There isw a free choultry, where I could put my belongings.  I have taken a Lock and key for rent frm a nearby Fancy shop (Bonku) for3 rupees rent with advance 30 rupees.  As there is no provision for the room, I have again located a hotel just on the other side of the road for rupees 100 per night.  Not so good, but OK.
After locking my belongigns and before the search for the Hotel room I took darshan of Lord Bhimeswara swamy.  Every thing is described in the next post.



सोमवार, अगस्त 17, 2009

Draksharamam मंदिर में shivalinga 14 फुट ऊंचे और भूतल में हम Panavattam के साथ Shivalinga के दर्शन दूसरी मंजिल में है और वसीयत के बारे में 4 फीट ऊंची चोटी भाग है देखा जाता है. मैं उस रात के लिए इंतजार कर रहे थे के रूप में मैं ABISHEKAM प्रदर्शन करना चाहता था, जो केवल सुबह घंटों में किया जाता है. अगले दिन सुबह मैं लिया poojari poja samagri और एक archaka bhraman /. सौभाग्य से इस poojario पहले से ही भवन के विभिन्न भागों के बारे में 5 लोगों की टा समूह को समझा था, इसलिए, मैं उनके साथ शामिल हो गए. हम मुख्य देवता abhishekam मेरी बेटी और बेटे के नाम पर प्रदर्शन किया भाभी था जब पहुंचे. मैं भगवान से प्रार्थना की पृथक उन्हें देने के लिए अच्छे स्वास्थ्य, धन, prospority, सुखी विवाहित जीवन और अच्छे गुणों के साथ एक बेटा.

मेरी योजना मंदिरों इस शनिवार और रविवार उपयोगी है और मैं बस से विजयवाड़ा के retruned यात्रा के लिए. वहाँ मैं बस स्टैंड में थोड़े समय के लिए मेरे भाई से मुलाकात के रूप में वह मुझे सेल फोन पर संपर्क किया. मेरे भाई को विजयवाड़ा से बस से sullurupet जा रहा था. मैं घर पर 11 से हैदराबाद लौट आए. अगले आम तौर पर मैं 9 बजे सुबह की बैठक के लिए जल्दबाजी के रूप में दिन सुबह सोमवार हूँ क्योंकि मैं टीडी स्थानापन्न के कर्तव्यों का पालन किया है