Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ponnur Temples are very famous in our region as the 30 to 40 feet high monolithic statues of Hanumanand Garud are in the temple along with Sahasra lingeswara swamy (1001 Shiva Lingas)
The present form of the temple is elegant and it has a few rooms for the devotees who want to stay over night.
Anjaneya swamy is 35 feet tall and main Pooja is performed and aarathi on all days.  The Garud deity is 40 feet tall. and Garud temple is facing the Anjaneya swamy temple.
In 1970's I used to see both the statues in the horizontal position since erection was not done.  The Head of Hanuman  with head of Rama and Sitha is broken due to over weight  so the statue is made smaller by carving again the head of Hanuman within the body area.  I visited this temple recently when my father died since it is customary for us to spend a night after the 9 day cermony  and before the end of a month.  My father died on October 19 2006  so i stayed one night around 30th October 2006 in the temple.  Again, my mother died on 19 October 2008, so on 30 October 2009 I stayed a night in the temple premises.  Aftr one night's stay, early morning took bath and performed prayer and then returned to Hyderbad.  both times. My relation P Nageswararao helped me book the room each time.

It is really one of the  important temples to be visited in this  region.

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